DSI Modular Mac

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DSI Modular Mac
Part number KB-ModMac U Non (MX Red)
Branding DSI
Features Modular; 3 USB sockets; USB power
Keyswitches Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Blue
Interface USB 2.0
Rollover 6KRO

DSI Modular Mac is a modular keyboard from DSI. The keyboard is slightly larger than a 75%, having an extra column of media keys on the far left. 6-key rollover is featured.

The keyboard is billed as being "first true USB 2.0 keyboard on the market"; there is one USB A socket on either side of the keyboard, and a third socket at the rear. The keyboard accepts a 5V DC power supply (included) to provide the full 500 mA to the USB sockets.

The keyboard is described as having "interchangeable keypad, touch-pad, and gaming modules", but the only module seen to date is the DSI modular keypad. Additional modules connect to the Modular Mac using the side USB ports; it appears that the modules are secured using solely the friction fit of the USB connector.

DSI currently offer the Modular Mac with Cherry MX Red switches; it was previously sold with Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Brown switches.

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