Dai-Ichi CL-1145

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Dai-Ichi CL-1145
Dai-Ichi CL-1145 Green -- infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Dai-Ichi
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Dai-Ichi CL-1145 refers to two or more types of Omron clone switch, possibly a switch family, from Dai-Ichi. The switches are plainly marked "DAI-ICHI".


The top of the green switch is marked "CL-1145"; as the white switch was sold earlier in time on AliExpress as "CL-1145" it is assumed that both types are thus marked.

Externally the switch is quite similar to Omron B3G-S series switches, with minor differences. In particular, the four small posts (extensions of the slider guide shaft) that fill the four corners of the slider aperture in not just B3G-S series switches but also in Tai-Hao Aruz switches, are absent. The three legs are not numbered, as they are on B3G-S switches.


Green version
The green version is a clicky switch similar in design to the KPT switch.
White version
This was previously sold on AliExpress, but stock ran out and orders were fulfilled with genuine Omron B3G-S instead; this switch has never been seen in a keyboard and its characteristics remain a mystery.