Dai-Ichi CL-1145 Green

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Dai-Ichi CL-1145 Green
Dai-Ichi CL-1145 Green -- infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Dai-Ichi
Family Dai-Ichi CL-1145
Switch type Clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount Plate mount

Dai-Ichi CL-1145 Green refers to a green switch in the Dai-Ichi CL-1145 series.


The green version is a clicky switch similar in design to the KPT switch. The shade of green used for the top shell and slider appears to be outside of the gamut of a typical computer monitor; it is a vivid, highly saturated deep blue-green shade that is hard to capture. It is darker and more blue than Alps SKCM Green, and much brighter than Cherry MX Green.

The lid of the switch is almost interchangeable with that of a real Omron B3G-S series switch.

The slider is reversible. The click leaf bears two tines, which are spaced apart to ensure that the disused ramp on the slider (facing the click leaf) fits in between them.

The only known examples come from an unidentified keyboard. Some of the switches get stuck after being pressed, and may spring back up after a delay, and it is difficult to tell whether this is a manufacturing defect or the result of wear or mistreatment.

The stationary contact is all-over plated. Another observation made from this batch is that this all-over plating of the switch selected for inspection has started to flake off, taking the gold plated contact area with it.



The B3G-S switch selected for comparison was the only type to hand, specifically white tactile. Consequently the internal design differs from the B3G-S switch on which CL-1145 was based. The CL-1145 switches are from the aforementioned unidentified keyboard.