Datacomp DFK777

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Datacomp DFK777
Datacomp DFK-777NA keyboard.jpg
Model no. Datacomp DFK-777NA
Branding Computerland
Manufacturer Datacomp
Layouts IBM PC XT/AT Mix
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Blue Futaba MA series
Interface IBM AT 5 pin DIN


This Computerland branded Datacomp DFK-777NA keyboard contains of Alps SKCM Blue key switches.


This Computerland branded Datacomp DFK-777NA keyboard use double shot ABS keycaps produced by Alps.


The Datacomp DFK777 has the following pinout on the Alps version of the keyboard below. The pins are labeled on the PCB and correspond in the table below.

pin# Top
5 Reset Blue
4 SG GND Green
3 Data Yellow
2 Clock RED
1 VCC +5V Black

DFK-777NA / AUG. 1986

Pictures of the Computerland branded Datacomp keyboard.

Datacomp DFK-777F / APRIL. 1987