Datacomp left-handed keyboard

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Datacomp left-handed keyboard
Branding DSI, unbranded
Manufacturer Datacomp
Keyswitches Cherry MX Red
Cherry MX Black
Supersedes Strong Man KB-8861

The Datacomp left-handed keyboard is a continuation of the left-handed version of the Strong Man KB-8861. After Strong Man went bust, DSI transferred the tooling for this keyboard to Datacomp, who have continued to produce the design. As such, the keyboard looks identical to the Strong Man product.


The DSI version is DSI-branded and uses Cherry MX Red switches; the model number printed on the rear label is DCK-LH104-V2
The Keyboard Company KBC-3500B
This version used to be unbranded, and continues to use Cherry MX Black switches just as with the Strong Man KB-8861; the current branding is uncertain

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