Dauphin DTR1

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Dauphin DTR1
Dauphin front.jpeg
Branding Dauphin Technology
Manufacturer Dauphin
Product family Custom compact
Layouts Custom ANSI with cursor keys
Keyswitches Rubber dome/unknown, tactile
Interface PS/2
Dimensions 240 × 138 × 20 mm
Years of production 1993


Dauphin DTR1 is an out-of-production compact keyboard that was custom-made by Dauphin for its DTR-1 and DTR-2 pen-based PCs.


The Dauphin DTR1 is a rather small, compact keyboard with somewhat reduced-size keys. As in the case of Rapoo KX, the DTR1 keyboard does not fit in either the 60% or the 75% keyboards, but is rather an in-between category.

No OEM details have been discovered, but the keycaps are Mitsumi-style, suggesting Mitsumi KEK Type or one of their similar low-profile offerings.


Note that the FCC ID for this keyboard was assigned to the entire DTR-1 pen-based system — the keyboard itself was approved under HL3DTR1KB and HL3DTR2KB FCC IDs, but was usually sold with the system rather than as a separate item. Contrary to some claims, Dauphin DTR-1/DTR-2 was not created by IBM, but rather, as a part of the deal between Dauphin and IBM, the systems were only manufactured in some of the seriously underutilized IBM factories at the time.

Type feel

In general, the keyboard is physically too small to be enjoyable for prolonged typing sessions. The keyboard was designed as an auxiliary input device for, primarily, the pen-based PCs, so the diminutive size was/is no surprise. The keyboard size matches the DTR-1 system size exactly and attaches itself to the system via a short PS/2 cable and to the system bag via Velcro strips. The key switches are tactile, non-clicky, and most likely (unknown) rubber domes. For some users with larger fingers/hands, the diminutive keyboard/keys issue was addressed by deploying a standard key size 75% Dauphin DCK-84.


Dimensions 240 × 138 × 20 mm / 9.4 × 5.4 × 0.8 inches
Lights 3 (Num Lock, Scroll Lock, Caps Lock); green
Embedded numpad Yes
Switch Rubber dome, possibly Mitsumi
Switch type Tactile
Keys/Layout Custom compact ANSI
Case/keycaps Black/black
Interface PS/2
Cable fixed (non-detachable)
Custom keys 1 left end key in the bottom row ("Dauphin")


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