Dell 2nd gen podule series

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Dell 2nd gen podule series
Dell L100 -- top.jpg
Model no. L100 (Darfon)
SK-8115 (Lite-On)
SK-8135 (Lite-On, multimedia)
Part number 0UY780 (L100)
Branding Dell
Manufacturer Darfon Electronics
Layouts ISO, ANSI
Keyswitches Rubber dome over membrane
Keycaps Pad-printed cylindrical
Interface USB
Introduced 2006
Supersedes Dell Midnight Grey podule series

Dell second-generation podule series were keyboards shipped by Dell with their OptiPlex and Precision workstations. Superseding the Midnight Grey series, the new keyboards were predominantly sold in black to coincide with the colour change of the workstation casing some time around Q3-Q4 2006. As with the previous series, the LED cluster is located in a podule extending from the rear of the keyboard, under which the controller is placed, with the print screen/scroll lock/pause group moved to the far right.



This version was manufactured in January 2007 by Darfon Electronics, as determined by the UL File Number of E206453 on the rear label. Additionally, the model of DFN-L100(B) is given below a MIC certification logo. The controller chip is sourced from Holtek.

Alternative controller

Shown below is a controller PCB from a different L100; this has a different controller number on the upper surface of the PCB. The PCB was made by Guandong Hetong Technology Co.,Ltd. per the UL File Number of E243157, and is branded "HT".


This version was manufactured by Yet Foundate, a Lite-On subsidiary, using a Silitek model number and Lite-On's UL File Number (E145614). It was produced in both black and midnight grey.


This is the multimedia version of the SK-8115, also manufactured by Yet Foundate.