Dell KB1421

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Dell KB1421
Dell KB1421 0M372H -- top.jpg
Model no. KB1421
Branding Dell
Manufacturer Primax Electronics
Layouts ANSI, ISO
Keyswitches Rubber dome over membrane
Interface USB
Precedes Dell KB212

Dell KB1421 is a basic Dell keyboard included with their OptiPlex line of computers, manufactured by Primax Electronics. It was followed by the Dell KB212, of which one variant was also manufactured by Primax.


The keycaps are low-profile, and the keys are reduced travel. The force curve is sharp and smooth with positive action — the feel is a significant improvement over the previous models with the protruding space bars.

The membrane sheets are joined together using a heat stamp. The membranes are backed by a thin, flexible sheet of metal.

The PCB is labelled "DELL Totoro" with "P/N: 654000011590"; the upper case has Totoro spelt as "TOTOR/U" but typically the spelling "Totoro" is found, on both the mouldings and the membranes. The PCB manufacturer is Xinhua Electronics (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. (per the UL File Number of E241103). The membranes are marked "Lumirror" and "E107536", the latter giving Shinkong Synthetic Fibers Corp as the manufacturer.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the keycap printing has lower durability than average, being the only modern Dell keyboard that seems to be prone to legend abrasion.


Models include:

Part number Model
0M372H US ANSI, black
0M377H UK ISO, black



US English, ANSI, black, made in January 2010.


UK English, ISO, black.


Rear label and internal details were not recorded for this keyboard.


The following example was manufactured in April 2010. The top of the keyboard is not presentable, and a large number of keys have been stripped of their legends.

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