Dell KB212

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Dell KB212
Primax KB4021 -- top.jpg
Model no. KB212-B
Part number Various
Branding Dell
Manufacturer Primax
Layouts ISO, ANSI
Keyswitches Rubber dome
Keycaps Pad-printed cylindrical
Interface USB
Precedes Dell KB216
Supersedes Dell low profile 1

Dell KB212 is a model of keyboard shipped by Dell with their OptiPlex computers. Where previous Dell OptiPlex keyboards have not appeared to have a Dell model, this generation of keyboards has separate Dell designation (KB212) from the OEM model numbers.

Black keyboards appear to all be KB212-B. Grey keyboards appear to be KB212-PL; these seem to have a grey top and keycaps, and black base.[1]


Known Dell part numbers are:

Part Model Variant
0C643N KB212-B Black, UK English, Silitek SK-8120
0DJ491 KB212-B Black, UK English, Primax KB4021
0H7T4W KB212-PL Grey, Austrian German[1]
00WJN9 KB212-PL Grey, UK English[2]


Primax KB4021

The Korea Certification number (인증번호), per the box and bottom case, is PMX-KKB4021 (B). The box gives model numbers Primax KB4021 and Primax KB4022. The UK English version in black is model Primax KB4021 with Dell part number 0DJ491.

Silitek SK-8120

The Silitek-made version of this keyboard is model SK-8120. Externally it is virtually identical to the Primax-made version, with the position of the screw holes on the rear being the most obvious difference. Two of the screw holes are concealed by the rear stationary feet, which have to be prised off in order to disassemble the keyboard. The feet should stick back on so long as the adhesive remains tacky.

In the example below, the PCB date on the controller is 2011-02-17, while the PCB manufacture date is 1436. The overall keyboard manufacture date is 2014-01-19. The PCB manufacturer was Leo Electronics Inc, UL File Number E108570.