Dell KB522

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Dell KB522
Dell KB522 -- top.jpg
Model no. KB522
Part number 02H8RN
Branding Dell
Manufacturer Logitech
Features Multimedia hotkeys
Volume control
Two-port USB hub
Layouts ANSI, ISO
Keyswitches Rubber dome over membrane
Interface USB
Supersedes Dell SK-8135

Dell KB522 is a multimedia keyboard from Dell, manufactured by Logitech. The keyboard uses rubber domes for the main keys, and an isolated PCB—which connects to the keyboard matrix—featuring miniature microswitches for the media keys. This PCB also features a vertically-mounted volume knob. There are two USB ports at the rear.

The keycaps are low-profile, and the keys are reduced travel. The overall design is similar to the basic Dell KB1421, but the force curve is quite mushy compared to the sharp, positive action of the KB1421.

The three membrane sheets are each 0.07 mm thick.

The project name appears to be "Scarlet", as this name is written on all three PCBs as well as the case itself.