Dell oval series

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Dell oval series
Dell SK-8100 -- top.jpg
Model no. RT7D20 (NMB)
RT7D00 (NMB, multimedia)
SK-8110 (Silitek)
SK-8100 (Silitek, multimedia)
Part number 025PGG (RT7D00)
09C487 (SK-8100)
Branding Dell
Manufacturer NMB, Silitek
Layouts ISO, ANSI
Keyswitches Rubber dome
Keycaps Pad-printed cylindrical
Interface PS/2
Precedes Dell Midnight Grey podule series

Dell oval series is a provisional term for a series of rubber dome over membrane keyboards shipped with Dell desktop computers.


As per the QuietKey series, identical keyboards were manufactured for Dell by NMB and Silitek.

Model OEM Type FCC ID
RT7D20 NMB Regular AQ6-7D20
SK-8110 Silitek Regular
RT7D00 NMB Multimedia
SK-8100 Silitek Multimedia None found on example below



Manufactured by NMB.


Manufactured by Silitek.


Manufactured by NMB; this is the multimedia version of the RT7D20.


Manufactured by Silitek; this is the multimedia version of the SK-8110.