Dell Midnight Grey podule series

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Dell Midnight Grey podule series
Dell RT7D50 -- top.jpg
Model no. RT7D50 (NMB)
SK-8115 (Silitek)
Part number 0W7657 (RT7D50)
0J4632 (SK-8115)
Branding Dell
Manufacturer NMB
Layouts ISO, ANSI
Keyswitches Rubber dome
Keycaps Pad-printed cylindrical
Interface USB
Precedes Dell 2nd gen podule series

Dell Midnight Grey podule series were keyboards shipped by Dell with their Dell OptiPlex computers. This range of keyboards introduced the design of an LED podule towards the rear, under which the controller is placed. The print screen/scroll lock/pause group is thus moved to the far right of the keyboard, such that pressing Windows+pause (opens the System control panel in Microsoft Windows) cannot be achieved with a single hand.



Manufactured by NMB, hence the Right Touch (RT) model number. The controller PCB does not appear to be removable. The inside of the keyboard does not bear any obvious manufacturer markings.

The keyboard emits a loud rattle in use, presumably from insufficient pressure on the domes against the keycaps. The feel is lighter and sharper than the later Dell L100, but fairly gritty.

The only stabilised keys in the UK version appear to be space bar and right shift. Right shift uses a flat plastic stabiliser bar, and the space bar appears to have the same or similar.


Manufactured by Silitek in China. To coincide with the change in colour of Dell workstations, these became available in black some time around Q3-Q4 2006.