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This is a database of different designs available for reference, and as the ground for potential orders and concepts. They are models made by, or made available by, users of the Deskthority forums. (Please refrain from uploading content that you do not have the rights to, or the original creators consent to make public). This is a place where you are free to share ideas, spread your work and perhaps create potential Group Buys. The database was created to encourage people to create, to try and make things and to enable everyone to use whatever resources they have available to make designs available to the community.

It will also enable people to create alternative sources of parts and make them faster available to the masses. Sometimes some manufacturers have full schedules, are overly expensive or just located in distant parts of the world, when there are local options that could just as well give quotes on the same objects. This will also result in a more open and free market an hopefully the competition can yield lower prices that more accurately reflect the costs of manufacturing.

The database is currently divided into:

Keycap designs

Vector or rasterized images to be used for keycaps. The following abbreviations can be added to the designs. Of course, you are free to not use these tags and just create a general design.

Keycap designs/3D Made for production in 3d capable manufacturing.

Keycap designs/complicated Contains several colors, gradients or other properties that make them unsuitable for double shots, more suitable for dyesubs for instance.

Keycap designs/simple Simpler designs, more suitable for double shots or engraving.


Model specific cases, designs made to fit certain existing models, for instance Filco. Other cases could go here too.

Peripheral and pointing devices

Mice, trackballs and similar.

General parts

Designs of switches or other parts that can be of some use.

Entire concepts

Assemblies or otherwise full concepts goes here.