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The Deskthority Awards is a yearly award, given by Deskthority for outstanding achievements in the field of keyboards and input devices. The awards are held at the end of November each year.



The nominees are nominated and voted for by the members on the forum in multiple rounds. Nominees can be either commercial entities or by individual users within the community, depending on the category.

To be eligible for a nomination, the achievement needs to have been performed (or at least be relevant) within the last rolling year, or since the last year's award started.


From 2012 forward, each winner that has had a presence on the forum has received a Wingnut Throphkey from Clack Factory as prize. Winners of The Deskthority Award' have received a golden wingnut while other winners have received one in silver.

Voter prizes

Besides award winners, voters have been randomly selected to win prizes from sponsors.

Voter prizes have in many cases been full keyboards.

Award categories

The categories have varied (and much debated) throughout the years, but common categories (more than 4 of 8 times) have been:

The Deskthority Award
The most prestigious award. Awarded the Golden Wingnut prize for a significant achievement that had shadowed all others this year.
Best regular keyboard
A few years divided into "vintage" and "modern" or "regular" and "compact"
Best ergonomic keyboard, "alternative" or "other" input device
Most years one category, but a few years two separate.
Best company or brand
Awarded to a commercial entity, although the community-organised project behind the Phantom did win this in 2012.
Best new project or innovation
Awarded to something exciting that has brought the state of the art forward
Best keycaps
Has some times been split into two categories: for key sets and individual artisans.
Best keyboard switch
Often debated on forums, and has varied with user tastes.
Best Deskthority contributor
Was in 2012 and 2013 divided into "forum" and "wiki" contributors.
Best vintage keyboard or relic/discovery
Has been one or several categories throughout the years.

... and

The *Ping* Award
For something related to keyboards that happened in the last year that the active users find worthy of scorn. It is named for the "Summer of Ping" debacle on Geekhack in 2011.

Notable winners and nominees

  • 7bit has won both Best keycaps(2015), Best forum contributor (2012) and The Deskthority Award twice (2012 and 2014)
  • Electronics Plus (elecplus) has won the Deskthority Award twice (2014 and 2018) for rescuing old keyboards and offering them to the community at fair prices.
  • HaaTa has won Best Relic/Discovery no less than six times.
  • Daniel Beardsmore won the Best Deskthority wiki contributor award both times it was a category (2012 and 2013).
  • IBM 4704 series / "Kishsaver" 60% have won Best vintage keyboard twice (2015 and 2014), and Best space-saving/compact keyboard (2013).
  • The ErgoDox won Best ergonomic keyboard in 2012 and 2013.
  • Rollermouse won Best other input device in 2012 and 2014

... and

  • Massdrop has won The *Ping* Award twice (2017 and 2015).

Apple has been a runner up to The *Ping* Award three times for the ultra low-profile keyboards in recent MacBook laptops.

Awards by year


This year, nominations were free-form, without rigid categories. When nominating, suggestion for its category were welcome but not mandatory. Two categories were formed by organiser matt3o after the nomination round was over:

The winners were:

Category Winner
Finds / Collections / Restorations karlmartin95 for his IBM 4704 F77 find and restoration
Project & Overall Coolness SneakyRobb for his Beamspring project


Deskthority Awards 2018 subforum.

This year, webwit had stepped down and matt3o took over running the awards. The award categories were reduced to four.

Category Winner
The Deskthority Award Electronics Plus ( elecplus) for saving so many keyboards and giving fair prices for them.
Best Project or Innovation DMA's Common Sense Controller. A capacitive-sensing controller, now with support for Bluetooth and Topre.
Best Keycap or Keycaps Set Cherry original doubleshots
Best Vintage Keyboard or Relic Aer Fixus' IBM 3279 Beamspring Restoration. He took a beam spring keyboard that had been subject to horrors few other keyboards have suffered and restored it back to health.


Deskthority Awards 2017 subforum

Category Winner
The Deskthority Award Chyros for his youtube productions in 2017
Best modern keyboard or company KBDfans
Best vintage keyboard or relic JP! 's IBM 3741 Data Station / System 3 Barn Find
Best "other" input device Keebio's Iris ergonomic keyboard
Best project or innovation Click bar on Kailh BOX switches
Best keyswitch Vintage Cherry MX Black
Best keycaps GMK "Honeywell"
Best artisan keycap Jelly Key's Forbidden Realm
Best input device photo iArsonJungle Mix Moba × Reaper
The *Ping* Award Massdrop for "continuing to fail on numerous occasions"


Deskthority Awards 2016 subforum.

Category Winner
The Deskthority The Model MF project
Best modern keyboard or company Zeal PC
Best "other" input device Kurplop 's Planet 6 Keyboard
Best project or innovation The Model MF project
Best keyswitch Topre
Best keycaps GMK "Carbon"
Best artisan keycap Nebula
Best vintage keyboard or cache Snuci's Model M rescue
Best relic or discovery HaaTa's Topre 39-AA-0101
Best input device photo HaaTaRobotron K7673.09
The *Ping* IvanIvanovich for "organising group buys and disappearing with the money"


Deskthority Awards 2015 subforum.

Category Winner
The Deskthority Award User Seebart for his contributions to the Wiki this year
The Deskthority Lifetime Award Hasu for his TMK firmware and other projects
Best keyboard company or brand Gateron
Best commercial keyboard JUSTSYSTEMS × Realforce 108UW-HiPro
Best vintage keyboard IBM 4704 series, including the "Kishsaver"
Best commercial alternative or other input device Matias Ergo Pro
Best input device innovation E3E 's Backlit Hotswappable Alps build
Best input device project Ellipse's new industrial Model F keyboards
Best keyboard switch IBM Buckling Spring
Best keycaps 7bit's Round 5
Best deskthority contributor Chyros for his videos
Best relic or discovery HaaTa's find of Cherry 01APBSW switches
Best input device photo MadhiasIBM Space Saving Keyboard at Work
The *Ping* Award Massdrop, for scruffy KC60 and Infinity ErgoDox drops, bad packaging of GMK trays, registration barrier (and other grievances)


Deskthority Awards 2014 subforum in the Archive.

Category Winner
The Deskthority Award Cindy of Electronics Plus
Best keyboard company or brand GON's KeyboardWorks
Best regular keyboard KFC board
Best space-saving or compact keyboard TEX Yoda
Best vintage keyboard IBM 4704 "Kishsaver" family
Best alternative or other input device Contour Rollermouse Red
Best keyboard innovation Cooler Master NovaTouch TKL
Best keyboard switch Topre switches with Cherry stems in the NovaTouch TKL
Best keycaps The Granite set by matt3o
Best self-built keyboard Wcass' XTant
Best input device mod, device or software Xwhatsit's Model F controller
Best Deskthority contributor Matt3o
Best relic or discovery HaaTa's Ultrasonic
Best input device photo HAL for "Generations"
The *Ping* Award The crushing of rare IBM "Kishsaver" keyboards because of a bank's data destruction policy.


Deskthority Awards 2013 subforum in the Archive.

Category Winner
The Deskthority Award Douglas Engelbart (1925-2013).
Human-computer interface pioneer
Best keyboard company or brand Ducky Nordic
Best regular keyboard WASD V2
Best space-saving/compact keyboard IBM "Kishsaver" 60% Model F
Best ergonomic input device ErgoDox
Best other input device IBM TrackPoint
Best keyboard switch IBM Buckling Spring
Best keycaps APL triple-shot beam-spring keycaps
Best Deskthority forum contributor Muirium
Best Deskthority wiki contributor Daniel Beardsmore
Best input device mod xwhatsit's beam spring USB controller
Best relic/discovery HaaTa's Univac F-1355-00 keyboard
The *Ping* Award GMK for its minimum order quantity


Deskthority Awards 2012 subforum in the Archive.

From this year on, each winner (with the exception of the *Ping* award) that is a Deskthority member received a Wingnut Trophkey. The keycaps were made especially for the Deskthority Awards by Clack Factory.

Category Winner
Deskthority Award 7bit
Best keyboard company or brand Phantom (group buy)
Best regular keyboard IBM Model M
Best space-saving/compact keyboard Phantom
Best ergonomic input device ErgoDox
Best other input device CST 2545W trackball, Rollermouse (tie)
Best keyboard switch Cherry MX Ergo Clear
Best keycaps imsto for group buy of thick PBT keycaps
Best input device mod Soarer's Converter
Best deskthority forum contributor 7bit
Best Deskthority wiki contributor Daniel Beardsmore
Best relic/discovery HaaTa for more finds.
The *Ping* Award Geekhack for "turning into a key cap enthusiast's forum/circlejerk arts and crafts site"


Deskthority Awards 2011 subforum in the Archive.

Category Winner
The Deskthority Award 7bit for organizing Round 4
Best keyboard company or brand The Keyboard Company
Best regular keyboard Filco Majestouch family
Best ergonomic keyboard/HID DataHand Professional II
Best other (non-keyboard) HID Kensington SlimBlade Trackball
Best keyboard switch Cherry MX Brown
Best input device mod Lowpoly's Apple M0110 mod
Best relic/discovery HaaTa for his combined archeological work in 2011
The *Ping* Award Geekhack trojan attacks, No MiniGuru in 2011 (tie)