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The following are acknowledgements to people outside of the Deskthority and Geekhack communities who have provided valuable assistance to the Deskthority wiki.

Ai Shimizu at Eleport
Photography For photos of SKCCBK switches including the original Alps box
Alan Griffin
Goodies For some spare Futaba simplified linear and SMK vintage linear switches
Photography For his extensive and tireless photographic documentation of keyboards and switches, and his permission to use his images on the wiki
Andrew Gong at SIIG
Knowledge For patience in assisting with research into the SIIG MiniTouch family
Andy Liu at Xiang Min
Goodies For providing switch samples in nice little bags labelled with the part numbers
Anton Gabrijel at Tipro
Goodies For some rare Tipro switches
Channing at Hua-Jie
Goodies Knowledge For switch samples and assistance with research into Himake and Hua-Jie
Davide Bucci
Photography For photos of the Olivetti M20 keyboard (Olivetti snap action)
Photography For permission to use their photographs on the wiki
Ed Ferraton at ZF Electronic Systems (US)
Knowledge Photography For assistance with research into old Cherry switches, including catalogue and datasheet scans, and discovery of the spec sheet for the heretofore unknown Cherry M11
Eddie Lee at Monterey Europe
Knowledge For revealing Hua-Jie as their source of Alps clones (thus helping to complete a huge piece of the Alps clone puzzle), and confirming SMK as the manufacturer of Monterey switches (Jubbie from Monterey also confirmed this), putting a long mystery to rest; also, helpful information about the Monterey K110 and the ultra-rare Monterey K110P
Felly Du at Tai-Hao
Goodies Knowledge Photography For patience in assisting with research, and for a great sample pack (which was rewarded by a group buy!); also, more recently, a selection of Tai-Hao TH-5539 series photos
Photography For photographs of the FANUC System P Model G keyboard and additional keyboards
Hank Fu at Chicony
Knowledge For patience in assisting with research into the Chicony KB-5181 and confirming SMK as the manufacturer of Monterey switches
Herb Johnson
Photography For photographs of the Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard
Photography For providing a series of photos of the Focus FK-9000
Ian Mapleson of Ian's SGI Depot
Photography For providing photographs of SGI Bigfoot series keyboards
Jeff Chou at Hua-Jie
Knowledge For additional assistance with research into Hua-Jie switches
Joy at Xiang Min
Knowledge For patience in assisting with research into Xiang Min and KSB ("XM") switches
Jürgen Karcher at Printec-DS
Knowledge For the Printec-DS Sicotast S7 datasheet
Ken Buchholz of
Photography For permission to use Apple2Online photos and for additional photographs taken specifically for Deskthority
Mara Industrial Supply
Photography For permission to reproduce their Datalux SpaceSaver photographs
Martin Wareham
Photography For high-resolution MEI Sabrecoil photographs
Max Doll and ComputerBase
Photography For high quality photos of a 18 different entry-level keyboards including disassembly shots
Melissa Petersen from Signature Plastics
Knowledge For useful information about Comptec products and history
Microbee Technology
Photography For permission to reproduce their Jelco JKS-91 photographs
Meryl Miller (former engineering manager at Datanetics)
Goodies Knowledge Photography For photos, documentation and information about Datanetics switches, and a selection of ITT/Datanetics and MEI switches, along with the original copies of the Datanetics brochures shown on the wiki
Knowledge Photography For permitting Deskthority to use his photographs, and for opening up a protected part of his website to allow us access to fascinating Alps knowledge
Nick Hoskings at Devlin
Goodies Knowledge For information, and for a free pack of Alphameric foam and foil switches and keycaps, and a bag of Mitsumi miniature mechanical switches
Olaf Fischer at Marquardt
Goodies Knowledge For documentation on Marquardt Series 6180 and 6184, as well as two series 6184 sample switches
Photography For permitting their keyboard photographs to be used on Deskthority
Robin Whittle
Photography For permission to use his photos of the Alps integrated dome switch
Knowledge Photography For providing additional photographs (larger versions of what's on his website and additional illustration), much valuable information, and proofreading and critique of wiki content
Knowledge Photography For providing extensive photography of the DSI Modular Pro including additional images specifically for our use, plus a full set of photos of the Dell SK-D100M
Tammy Hanson at Apple Rescue of Denver
Photography For photos of the Apple II RFI-compliant keyboard
Tanja Pilzecker at RAFI
Goodies Knowledge For arranging a full set of RAFI sample switches, plus old catalogue data
Tom Hunter
Photography For photos of a ca. 1981 Cherry gold crosspoint switch
Wang Yueh-Lin, Simon
Photography For permitting Deskthority to use his photographs, and additional information about the mysterious Hua-Jie AKF Cherry MX mount switches

Samples and goody bags

The following sets of switches have been provided by various manufacturers and individuals free of charge; these have all been used to help expand the wiki. This list is not exhaustive, as pictures do not exist of all such sets.



Meryl Miller



Xiang Min