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Digital Equipment Corporation
Industry Computer manufacturing
Fate Acquired by Compaq, after divestiture of major assets.
Successor Hewlett-Packard
Founded 1957
Defunct 1998
Headquarters Maynard, Massachusetts, United States
Key people Ken Olsen (founder, president, and chairman)
Harlan Anderson (co-founder)
C. Gordon Bell (VP Engineering, 1972–83)
Products PDP minicomputers
VAX minicomputers
Alpha servers and workstations
VT100 terminal
LAT and Terminal server
StrongARM microprocessors
Digital Linear Tape
Employees over 140,000 (1987)

Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC, or sometimes just Digital) was once a major company in the computing industry. It was acquired by Compaq in 1998 and most of what is was is now owned by Hewlett-Packard. DEC is known mostly for its PDP-line of mini-computers, VAX mainframe system and its line of terminals. It has also manufactured workstations and IBM-compatible PCs.


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DEC's biggest contribution to keyboards is the invention of the Inverse-T arrangement of cursor keys for the DEC LK201 keyboard.

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