Ducky Shine 3

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Ducky Shine 3
Ducky Shine 3 front.jpeg
Part number DK9008S3 (full size),
DK9087S3 (TKL)
Branding Ducky
Manufacturer Ducky, possibly Costar
Product family Ducky Shine
Features Detachable cable
dual layer PCB
7 backlight modes
DIP switch
Layouts ANSI, ISO
Keyswitches Cherry MX
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface USB
Rollover NKRO
Dimensions 442 x 140 x 41.5 mm (full size),
360 x 140 x 41.5 mm (TKL)
Weight 1.4kg (full size),
1.2kg (TKL)
Introduced 2013
Discontinued ?
Precedes Ducky Shine 4
Supersedes Ducky Shine 2
Price ~ $160 (new)
Website 3 DK9008.html


The Ducky Shine 3 was launched in mid-2013 as a replacement of the Ducky Shine 2. It features a choice of blue, brown, black and red Cherry MX switches as basic options and even more depending on layout and retailer.

Model numbers

For the Ducky Shine 3, Ducky used the "extended" naming scheme from the Shine 2 from the get go.

Please note that not all combinations of layouts and colours were available.



Special editions

  • A Yellow Edition xUSPTYYY1 with yellow case, keycaps and backlight was available both for the full size and the TKL form factors. This edition used keycaps made of PBT and a choice of black, brown, blue, red, clear or white Cherry MX switches. Price was slightly higher than that of the stock version. A Blank Yellow Edition with blank keycaps (xUSPUYYY1) was also available.
  • A Gold Edition xUSALAJW1 featuring a golden case was available for the full size form factor. This edition was available with a choice of black, brown, blue, red and green Cherry MX switches. Besides the premium price (around $240), it was also heavier than usual at 4.0 lbs.
  • The Year Of The Snake edition featured a brushed aluminium upper body with a special engraving next to the arrow keys and an alternate design for the space bar.
  • The Premier CCnG (Cream Cheese and Green) DK9008P edition is a full-size Shine 3 without LED backlighting (included only indicator LEDs) and came with a thick PBT dye-sub keycap set.

DIP switch functions

ON OFF Default
DIP 1 Left Ctrl and CapsLock
(exchange positions)
Retains position OFF
DIP 2 Alt and Win key
(exchange positions)
Retains position OFF
DIP 3 Win key disabled Win key ON OFF
DIP 4 DEMO mode
(no keycodes sent)
Standard mode OFF


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