Durock T1

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Manufacturer Durock (Factory:JWK)
Product name T1
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount PCB mount

The T1 switch from Durock is a tactile clone of the Cherry MX switch, with a characteristic similar to an Cherry MX Ergo Clear or a softer Zealio V2.


Several variations have been made in different colour combinations, with clear, translucent or opaque housings for different vendors.

Top housings are made of polycarbonate, both for clear and opaque switches. Clear bottom housings are made of polycarbonate, while opaque bottom housings are made from polyamide ("Nylon") which has less friction. Housings have a wide slit for a four-pin RGB LED.

Stems are made of POM.

Housing Stem Bottom-out force Notes
Cream (Nylon) Dark grey 55gf "Koala T1"
Cream (Nylon) Dark grey 62gf Original "Koala T1"
Cream (Nylon) Dark grey 62gf "Koala T1"
Cream (Nylon) Dark grey 78gf "Koala T1"
Clear (PC) Teal 67gf
Smoke (PC) Teal 67gf "Night T1"
Smoke (PC) Grey 67gf
Dark grey Red 65gf
Dark grey Red 62gf
Black (Nylon) Lilac 65gf "Lilac", not branded as T1
Yellow (PC) Red 67gf "Bushi". Colours matching "GMK Red Samurai" key set.[1]


Switches made for KBDfans have had their logo embossed on the top. [2] The T1 were introduced on the store KBDfans marketed as an alternative to the Holy Panda switch. After it had been discovered that KBDfans had been selling fake linear Zeal switches ("Stealios"), and that parts of them had been made by Durock, KBDfans halted sales also of the T1 switch.[3]


The Koala switch had been designed by biip in a cream and dark grey colour scheme to match the Extended 2048 keycap set which had been designed to resemble the style of vintage Apple keyboards, such as the Apple Extended Keyboard. The original switch has a 62gf spring. [4]


The Lilac Tactile Switch has Nylon bottom housing and is marketed as "smoother than T1", comparing it to T1 switches with PC housing. It has black housings with lilac (whitish purple) slider.[5]

Related switches

The Durock switches are manufactured by JWK. The relationship between Durock and JWK is unclear, as JWK also manufacture other tactile and linear switches that are similar to Durock T1 and Durock Linear respectively.

The Everglide Oreo and Everglide Crystal Purple which are also manufactured by JWK are allegedly identical to T1, but that has not been confirmed.


The Tacit switch from Keebwerk is a damped version of the tactile JWK/Durock T1, with a similar tactile feel.

The original has Tacit a clear housing and a "wasabi"-coloured stem. It has also been sold as Bushi, Kakktus and Kakko with different colours.[6]

Keebwerk is believed to have an exclusivity agreement with JWK for the damped tactile variant.


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