Ortek Mac-105

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Ortek Mac-105
FCC ID GM83ZTMAC-105 (1988)
KJXKB205 (1994)
Branding ETC, SIIG, Micro Warehouse, Triumph
Manufacturer Ortek
Layouts ANSI or ISO with BigAss Enter for Macintosh
Keyswitches Alps SKCM White, Futaba lock
Switch mount Plate mount
Keycaps Pad-printed cylindrical
Interface ADB

Ortek Mac-105 is a speculative name for an OEM product re-sold under various names. "ORTEK MAC-105" appears on the PCB of one such keyboard, but another variant has "KB205-5" written on the PCB[1] — there may be more than one product and potentially a change of OEM. The keyboard is possibly styled after the contemporary Apple Extended Keyboard, but with a more modern look that would subsequently be used by Apple with the AppleDesign Keyboard.

The Apple logo on the command key is typically either absent, or replaced with a stylised 'O' (two variants found to date) suggesting "Ortek", or with the SIIG logo.

Some variants have a Futaba lock switch under Caps Lock instead of a normal Alps switch. Some variants have complicated Alps SKCM White switches with the simplified Alps–style numbering; despite speculation that these may be counterfeit products, the internals are indeed genuine complicated Alps with a short white switchplate.

The FCC ID is widely misprinted on these keyboards; the grantee code of GM8 was mistyped as "GMB", and "MAC" was erroneously written as "MAK".


Product OEM model FCC ID (as printed) OEM branding Switches
ETC Power Glide 105 MAC-105 (PCB) GMB3ZT MAK-105 Ortek (PCB, controller) Alps SKCM White, with Futaba lock for Caps Lock
Micro Warehouse Power User 105[2] GMB3ZT MAK-105 Unknown white Alps; caps lock switch not known
Micro Warehouse Power User 105[1] KB205-5 (PCB) KJXKB205 FWEC (PCB) Unknown white Alps; Caps Lock is a normal Alps switch
Micro Warehouse Power User 105 105-4 (PCB) GM83ZT MAC-105 FWEC (PCB) Alps SKCM White; caps lock is a normal Alps switch
SIIG Suntouch Mac[3] GMB3ZT MAK-105 SIIG (including command key logo) Unknown white Alps; caps lock switch not known
SIIG MacTouch (JK-ML0012)[4] GMB3ZT MAK-105 SIIG (including command key logo)
Triumph MAK-105[5] MAC-105 (PCB) GMB3ZT MAK-105 Ortek (PCB, controller) Unknown white Alps, with Futaba lock for Caps Lock



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