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Filco is the brandname of a series of computer accessories by the Japanese company Diatec (ダイヤテック株式会社 — Diamond Tech Co., Ltd; English name Diatec Corporation).


Distribution is mostly aimed at Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Filco keyboards were available in the US through online retailer EliteKeyboards until November 2010. The Keyboard Company is Filco's official European distributor. Most new Filco keyboards are now produced by the Taiwanese OEM Costar. The wireless Bluetooth model and Filco keypad are produced by Datacomp.


Filco SMK-8851

Diatec, the company behind Filco keyboards, commenced business on June 17th, 1992. They have manufactured many different keyboards, including extremely obscure variants such as a keyboard in the shape of a dinosaur. However, it wasn't until 2007–2008 that the company gained mainstream popularity with the release of its Majestouch series of mechanical keyboards. Its popularity received a further boost when Korean Starcraft II pro-gamer "Fruitdealer" used a Filco keyboard in one of his final matches during a live broadcast on GomTV.