Filco FKB-101EB

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Filco FKB-101EB
Model no. FKB-101EB
FCC ID KM988KKB8851 (not on record)
Branding Filco
Manufacturer Strong Man?
Keyswitches Hua-Jie AK series
Interface PS/2
Dimensions 478 × 176 × 40 mm
Discontinued Yes
Website c=19

Filco FKB-101EB is a Strong Man–made UNIX-layout keyboard. It is a variant of the Strong Man SMK-8851.


Caps lock and control are reversed, as are ` and escape.

The switches are four-tab clones with NW/SE numbering, strongly suggesting Hua-Jie AK series; the internals appear to be the same as Type T1.[1]