Filco FKB-97S

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Filco FKB-97S
Model no. FKB-97S
Branding Filco Japan
Manufacturer Strong Man
Keyswitches Alps SKBM Black
Mitsumi miniature mechanical
Interface ADB

Filco FKB-97S is a Strong Man-made Macintosh keyboard from Filco. The most well-known example has case and keycaps all transparent.

It is often called "Filco Skeleton", where "Skeleton" (スケルトン) is a common description of clear plastic in Japanese.


Other versions exist of this, or a very similar keyboard but little is known about them.

  • Versions with transparent pink or blue keys have been reported
  • All opaque white plastic has also been spotted.
  • The transparent version did also exist in a PS/2 version for Windows PCs with PC layout with Windows keys and a nav column instead of blanks in-between the Return key and numeric keypad.
  • A silver-metallised limited edition. Supposedly sold exclusively by Akihabara Mac Academy.


The keyboard features a highly prominent colour Mac OS logo under the escape and F1 keys, followed by the Filco logo. The command keys also bear an outlined Mac OS logo together with the command symbol, but not the Apple logo.

Most switches are Alps SKBM Black. The power button however uses a green, Cherry MX–mount Mitsumi miniature mechanical, which can clearly be seen through the key itself.


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