Filco Zero

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Filco Zero
Branding Filco
Manufacturer Costar
Layouts ANSI, JIS, …
Keyswitches Xiang Min KSB-C, Alps SKBM White
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface PS/2/USB
Discontinued Yes

Filco Zero is a range of Alps mount keyboards produced by Costar for Diatec. Compared to the Filco Majestouch range, the Zero range was much more restricted to East Asia. No ISO versions were ever made, and the North American version was produced only as a tenkeyless keyboard. Filco Zero keyboards were sold in Asia in full-size layout.

Filco Zero keyboards were supplied with two types of clicky Alps mount switch: ivory Xiang Min KSB-C switches, followed by Alps SKBM White switches. The SKBM White version sold in the US was reported to suffer from transposition errors; it was since discontinued from sale in both the UK and the US.

Forward Electronics ceased production of Alps SKBL/SKBM series switches in early 2012, and the Japanese Filco Zero keyboards on Diatec's website are now marked as "Discontinued".