Focus FK-1001

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Focus FK-1001
Manufacturer Focus Electronic
Layouts Modified ANSI
Keyswitches Futaba clicky switch
Interface XT/AT switchable
Introduced 1988 (FCC registration)

Focus FK-1001 is a rare reduced size keyboard contemporary to the Focus FK-2001 and Focus FK-3001.


The function key groups are tightened to allow insert and delete to form a fourth group next to F12, home, page up, page down and end are placed in an extra column to the right of the alphanumeric area, with the inverse-T cursor keys slotting into the final row; right ctrl is shifted left to below / and right shift. Backspace is a single unit, to allow backslash to be placed next to \.[1]

Directly adjacent to the alphanumeric area is the numeric keypad, as with vintage XT keyboards. The LED panel sits directly above, with pause and print screen to either side of it (swapped relative to other keyboards). Numeric keypad + is one unit, allowing scroll lock to be placed where / would be, and the remaining keys are shifted one position clockwise.

Only two examples have been observed to date. Of these, the switches of only one have been seen; it uses Cherry MX mount Futaba clicky switches.[2]

An Alps SKCM White FK-2001 has been found with a quick-reference card that covers both the FK-1001 and FK-2001.[3]