Focus FK-2000 Plus

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Focus FK-2000 Plus
Focus 2000 Plus top view.jpg
Manufacturer Focus Electronic
Layouts ANSI
Keyswitches Alps clone
Interface XT/AT switchable
Introduced 1990 (FCC registration)

Focus FK-2000 Plus is a keyboard from Focus Electronic for IBM PCs and compatibles. Despite having a lower model number than the Focus FK-2001, it was registered two years afterwards with the FCC. Like the original FK-2001 the FK-2000 Plus is XT/AT switchable with a DIP switch below the badge to select the protocol.


The FK-2000 Plus features a Macro key between left ctrl and alt and a multiplication key between right alt and ctrl. Additionally it featured diagonal arrows and a Turbo key in the center of the arrow keys which in combination with the function keys modifies the repeat rate of the keyboard.


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