Focus FK-2001

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Focus FK-2001
FK-2001 - Front .jpg
Manufacturer Focus Electronic
Layouts Focus layout, Asian 102
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Blue
Alps SKCM White
Simplified Alps Type III Type OA2 Type T1
Futaba MA series
Omron Alps-style switch
Interface XT, AT, PS/2
Introduced 1988 (FCC registration)

Focus FK-2001 is a family of Alps SKCL/SKCM series and Alps clone keyboards from Focus Electronic for IBM PCs and compatibles. The original FK-2001 keyboard was XT/AT switchable, and used Alps SKCM Blue switches. The keyboard protocol is selected via a DIP switch concealed below the badge.

Later FK-2001 keyboards included the Windows key, and various switches were used during the keyboard's lifetime.

A similar keyboard, the Focus FK-2002, exists with an ISO layout. It appears that it was never manufactured with the same variety of switches and layouts as the FK-2001.


There are at least four layouts:

  • Focus layout: short right shift, with backslash right of shift[1]
  • Asian 102: Blank key between left ctrl and alt, and backslash between right ctrl and alt[2]
  • 104-key Focus layout with Windows and menu keys
  • 108-key Focus layout, with Windows, menu, Wake, Sleep, and Power keys, and an ISO-style short left shift with the 105th key per ISO layout; Portuguese legends[3][4]

All three versions feature a bigass enter key.


The FK-2001 shipped with a number of different switches over its lifetime. The following list may not be complete.

Without Windows keys

With Windows keys


Asian 102 layout, US

Plain doubleshot keycaps, with Alps SKCM White switches.

Asian 102 layout, Zhuyin/Cangjie

Base US legends in black doubleshot, with blue thick ink pad printed Zhuyin (Bopomofo) legends and orange-pad printed Cangjie legends. Alps SKCM White switches. Type OA2 Type T1


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