Focus FK-2002

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Focus FK-2002
Focus FK-2002 front view.jpg
Branding Various
Manufacturer Focus Electronic
Keyswitches Alps SKCM White, Alps SKCM Blue
Interface AT/XT
Weight 1500g

Focus FK-2002 is the ISO equivalent of the Focus FK-2001.


The FK-2002 appears to be a rare ISO version of the popular FK-2001. As a product targeted to the European market, there is no FCC ID on the rear label. No version with Windows keys appears to exist, and the only confirmed switches are Alps SKCM Blue, and Alps SKCM White.[1] This is in stark contrast to the wide variety of switches and layouts used for the FK-2001. The keyboard has an AT/XT switch in a small compartment hidden under the badge plate. Some earlier revisions of the FK-2002 have DIP-switches hidden under the right foot instead of the AT/XT switch under the label. Some revisions also feature an "inverse / normal" switch on the rear side of the keyboard for switching the positions of the Caps Lock and left Control buttons. The keycaps are double-shot with coloured modifier legends.

Like many FK-2001 keyboards, the FK-2002 came with a brown built-in dust cover that also doubles as a paper holder.

Six different badge plates have been discovered so far:

OEM branding

  • Akhter (United Kingdom layout?)[2]
  • High Screen (German layout)[3]
  • Unbranded, Norwegian layout (came with a TIKI 100 computer)
  • Multitronic (ISO German Layout)
  • ESCOM (French AZERTY or German QWERTZ layout) with pad-printed keycaps[4]
  • Enhanced Keyboard (UK ISO layout)



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