Focus FK-3001

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Focus FK-3001
IMG 20160403 110430.jpg
Manufacturer Focus Electronic
Layouts ANSI
Keyswitches Alps SKCM Blue
Alps SKCM White
Interface XT, AT, PS/2
Introduced 1988 (FCC registration)
Precedes Focus FK-8000
Price $79.95 (as JE2016, 1989)[1]

Focus FK-3001 is a part of a family of Alps SKCL/SKCM series keyboards from Focus Electronic for IBM PCs and compatibles. All FK-3001 keyboards are XT/AT switchable, and originally used Alps SKCM Blue switches. The keyboard protocol is selected via a DIP switch concealed below the badge. The FK-3001 only appears to be made in Taiwan. The ISO version of this keyboard is FK-3002.[2]

Similar to the Focus FK-2001 the 3001 is essentially the same keyboard with a calculator.


Non-Solar Panel

This version appears to be more common. It features a battery compartment that takes two button cell battery's, rather than later Focus keyboards like the Focus FK-9000 which uses a NiCad battery that is prone to leaking.[3]

Solar Panel

This variant includes a solar panel that powers the calculator while the computer is off. Despite this, it still comes with a battery like the non-solar panel variant. This version was also sold as the Jameco JE2016.[1]


Unlike the more ubiquitous Focus FK-2001 there is one version of the layout, a Japanese-style short right shift with backslash right of shift. All versions are winkeyless.

All ANSI versions feature a bigass enter key.

The 3001's successor, the Focus FK-8000 used a locking switch, while the 3001 features separate switches to change the numpad for calculator use.


The FK-3001 only shipped with Alps SKCM Blue and Alps SKCM White, similar to the Focus FK-2002


Focus FK-3001


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