Focus FK-5001

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Focus FK-5001
Manufacturer Focus Electronic
Features Programmable
Calculator and clock
Layouts Custom extended ANSI and ISO
Keyswitches Alps SKCM White, Alps SKCL Yellow, Futaba lock
Switch mount Plate mount
Interface XT/AT switchable
Introduced 1990 (FCC registration)

The Focus FK-5001 was the flagship of the Focus keyboards family. It featured a computer-independent built-in desktop calculator and programmable function (PF) keys.


The design is similar to the Focus FK-3001, with several differences:

  • Standard function keys arranged into groups of three instead of four
  • In addition to the standard F1–F12 along the top, the keyboard also provides F1–F10 along the left in the IBM Model F layout, plus a final F11 and F12 above
  • Cursor keys for all eight directions (N through NW) surrounding a Turbo button
  • The horizontal ridges running across the keyboard above the function keys were removed as of this model


The built-in desk calculator with LCD is independent of the computer and is powered by a separate button cell battery. One or two keys above the numeric keypad switch between the numeric keypad and calculator functionality. The additional calculator keys do not generate scan codes, preventing them from driving a software calculator on the attached computer.

The key repeat rate can be set using the "Turbo" key in combination with the function keys, e.g. Turbo+F1 sets it to 2 characters/second and Turbo+F12 gives 130 characters/second.

As usual, the DIP switches are underneath the logo plate (top left on the front cover).


Variant A

As pictured below: LED panel at the top right; the numeric keypad is switched between input and calculator modes by way of two keys, labelled "KB Lock" and "CAL Lock".

Variant B

Lock key indication is given by red integrated LEDs within Alps SKCL Yellow switches. A single Futaba lock switch, labelled "KB CAL" toggles calculator input mode; the top row of calculator keys uses 1.25-unit keycaps.[1]



Variant A

Variant B

Known variants

At least UK, US, SE/FI and DE layouts have been sighted.

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