Focus FK-8000

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Focus FK-8000
Focus FK-8000 front.jpeg
Branding Unbranded
Manufacturer Focus Electronic
Layouts ANSI with big-ass Enter
Keyswitches Hua-Jie AK series
Alps SKCL Yellow with LED
Futaba clicky switch
Futaba lock
Interface 5-pin DIN / PS/2
Dimensions 485 x 180 x 45 mm /
19 x 7 x 1.8 inches
Introduced 1991 (FCC registration)
Supersedes Focus FK-3001


The Focus FK-8000 is an out-of-production standard (full) size keyboard by Focus Electronic. It has the same standard layout of the Focus FK-2001, but, in addition, it also integrates the calculator from the Focus FK-5001[1].


The keyboard is unbranded; the model number can only be found on the label on the bottom. The FK-8000 shares the same revised styling as the FK-5001. One of the selling points of the FK-8000 was the integrated, battery-operated calculator.

The calculator

The calculator toggle key—which switches between calculator and numeric keypad—is a Futaba lock switch.[1][2]. The integrated calculator is powered by a 3V battery. (The factory-supplied battery was a Hitachi Maxell CR2032.) The keyboard was shipped with a small round plastic insulator between the battery and its contact to preserve the charge before it was sold, or for long-term storage.


During its production years, the Focus FK-8000 featured a variety of switches under the same FCC ID, which is not that unusual but it makes it somewhat harder to catalog them all.


Futaba Clicky with Yellow SKCL Alps Variant

Futaba clicky with Green SKCL Alps variant