Focus FK-9000

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Focus FK-9000
Focus FK-9000 top.jpg
Branding Key Pro
Manufacturer Focus Electronic
Layouts ANSI
Keyswitches Alps SKCM White
Alps SKCL Yellow
Four-tab clones (white/yellow)
Interface AT
Introduced 1992 (FCC registration)

The Focus FK-9000 is a Focus keyboard very similar to the Focus FK-5001. The primary difference is that the lock keys have integrated LEDs, while the FK-5001 has an LED cluster at the top.[1] Also, there is a Key Pro logo printed where the Focus model number would normally be; "FK-9000" is written on the label on the bottom.

The calculator toggle key—that switches between calculator and numeric keypad—is latching, and may be an Alps lock switch on keyboards with genuine Alps switches. However, the Focus FK-8000 is confirmed to use a Futaba lock switch.



Four-tab clone version