Forward Electronics FDA-102

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Forward Electronics FDA-102
Forward FDA-102 -- top.jpg
Model no. FD-102
FCC ID F4Z4K3FDA-102 (1988)
F4Z4K3FDA-102A (1988)
F4Z4K3FDA-102D (1990)
Branding Tatung, Packard Bell, …
Layouts ANSI, Focus layout
Keyswitches Alps SKCM White, Alps SKBM White, Monterey dome with slider

470 × 200 × 47 mm

454.5 x 162 x 38 mm (FDA-102I)
Weight 1.6 kg

FD-102 refers here to several identical-looking models of keyboard from Forward Electronics.


The "102" in the model number seems not to indicate the number of keys, but rather that it came after model Forward Electronics FDA-101, which has only 84 keys.

All four models have Alps keyboard codes (12KC codes) on the PCBs; without the FD prefixes, these codes would come in around 1980 (and FD-102A's PCB does lack the FD prefix). The cases are all but identical in all models (except at least the FDA-102I), but the PCBs differ significantly.


The total list of matching FCC IDs is as follows:

FCC ID Final action date
F4Z4K3FDA-102 1988-03-24
F4Z4K3FDA-102A 1988-10-21
F4Z4K3FDA-102C 1990-03-29
F4Z4K3FDA-102D 1990-04-30
F4Z4K3FDA-102E 1990-08-20
F4Z4K3FDA-102F 1991-07-24
F4Z4K3FDA-102G 1992-02-28
F4Z4K3FDA-102H 1993-06-07
F4Z4K3FDA-102I 1994-05-09


The example below is Tatung-branded. This example used pad-printed keycaps, whose legends had worn badly. Consequently, many of the keycaps were replaced. The original and replacement keycaps are shown below. The controller IC is dated 6th week 1990, and the PCB is marked FD-12KC004B. The switches are Alps SKCM White.


The example below is Tatung-branded. It uses pine Alps SKCM White switches. The PCB inscription is 12KC009A (without the FD prefix) and the controller date is week 31, 1991, which is significantly later than the final action date of the FCC ID for the later FDA-102D.


The example below is again Tatung-branded. This later example has Alps SKBM White (simplified) switches, unfortunately not depicted. The PCB is inscribed FD-12KC009A1, and the controller date is 21st week 95. Depending on the length of time that the controller ICs were stockpiled, there is a suggestion that Alps SKBL/SKBM series was introduced in 1995 instead of 1996.


The example below is a Packard Bell-branded board, using Monterey dome with slider switches. The PCB is inscribed 12KC038A. This board uses a PS/2 connector and has a Focus layout. Interestingly, this example uses a 1.25-unit Escape key, just like those in some BTC dome with slider keyboards, mainly the BTC 51 series.

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