Fujitsu FKB4804

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Fujitsu FKB4804
Escom-Fujitsu FKB4804.jpg
Model no. FKB4804-103
Part number N860-4804-T103
Branding Escom
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Layouts 102 keys DE-ISO
Keyswitches Rubber Dome
Interface AT
Years of production ~1991

FKB4804 is a keyboard produced by Fujitsu in Malaysia. Usually comes with an ESCOM logo over the numpad. While it might resemble some of the keyboards featuring Fujitsu Peerless switches, these are actually rubber dome keyboards. They feature windowed keycaps with small "dots" of green, transparent plastic, as opposed to rectangular shaped windows in keycaps used with Fujitsu Peerless boards.

Keycaps also come with plastic "hangers" on the sides, keeping them in place.

While it's a non-mechanical Fujitsu keyboard, it features the exact same PCB with Intel 8051AH microcontroller as in FKB4700 Peerless series.

Fujitsu FKB 4804