Fujitsu Libertouch

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Fujitsu Libertouch
Libertouch Switch -- No Slider vs Slider.jpg
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Introduced 2007
Switch type Tactile
Sense method Membrane
Tactile force 34 cN, 44 cN, 54 cN
Total travel 3.8 mm

Fujitsu Libertouch is a tactile spring-over-membrane switch.


Fujitsu Libertouch switches use buckling rubber sleeves for tactility. The stock sleeves in the Fujitsu FKB8540 are rated for a 44 cN tactile force, and the keyboard shipped with 15 additional sleeves each[1] of 34 and 54 cN, for user customisation, along with a keycap puller; the details of the replacement domes are given in the press release.

The press release appears to indicate that one of the design goals was to provide pretravel, with force curves showing the Libertouch actuation point occurring higher than it would in a normal rubber dome over membrane switch.



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