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Futaba Corporation
Industry Electronic components
Electronic systems
Machinery and tooling
Founded February 3, 1948
Headquarters Mobara, Chiba, Japan
Website http://www.futaba.co.jp/

Futaba Corporation is a Mobara-based electronic components and machinery/tooling company.


Series naming and part numbers

No official documentation on Futaba keyboard and switches are known. A number of codes have been recovered, but it is not clear in most cases whether they denote models, series or part numbers.

Code Description
MD-4P DC24V, 1mA 100±25gr Non-lock linear switch
MD-4PCS Part number for complicated linear with cruciform mount (sold by Electronic Surplus in the United States)
MD7 DC24V, 1mA 100±25gr Four types of linear switches. lock and non-lock. with each LED and lamp
MR-6C Depicted as simplified linear (now referred to as Futaba MR-6C series), with both cruciform and bar mounts (ECPlaza)
ML-3-CM Low-profile linear switch from the Memotech MTX 512 (code taken from the technical manual)
ML88 Depicted as standard low-profile linear (ECPlaza)
MA-41/MA-42 Depicted as Futaba clicky switch, non-illuminated; both standard weight tactile and heavy non-tactile versions are listed (ECPlaza)
MA41JF Unidentified Futaba pushbutton switch (Oxygen Electronics)
MA72/MA72 Depicted as Futaba clicky switch, non-illuminated, but described as having an LED and with 1/5 of the rated lifetime of MA41/42; both standard weight tactile and heavy non-tactile versions are listed (ECPlaza)

The entries listed on ECPlaza are all noted as "various switches", suggesting that the designations are either series or sub-series. Although the ownership transferred from Futaba to Sejin, the codes have continued to start with two letters, with "M" as the first letter. Consequently, complicated linear is currently described as Futaba MD series as the various codes to date all begin "MD".

Low-profile linear has both model or part number "ML-3-CM" and model or series "ML88", and the reason for this is not clear. The search results at Oxygen Electronics for part number MA41JF give Futaba as the manufacturer,[1] while the page for the product lists no manufacturer but lists the part as "PUSH BUTTON SW".[2] This would appear to be a specific part of model/sub-series ML41; due to how Oxygen Electronics drop hyphens, it could also be MA41-JF (but not MA-41JF, as it seems that the first hyphen was dropped at some stage). Consequently ML88 could be a related series to ML-3.

The exact division between series, model and part numbers in Futaba codes remains unclear. The details above may however prove helpful in locating additional details.

Futaba sealed linear is the only type that so far has no discovered codes of any variety. Simplified linear is referred to specifically as Futaba MR-6C series until more MR switches are identified.

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