Futaba MA series alternate action

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Futaba MA series alternate action
Futaba lock -- top.jpg
Manufacturer Futaba
Family Futaba MA series
Switch type Alternate action
Sense method Metal leaf
Switch mount Plate mount

Futaba MA series alternate action is an alternate action switch in Futaba MA series.


Mk I

The Mk I switch was a peculiar adaptation of the regular momentary switch. The switch shell contains a latch track. Into the slider is placed a platform that bears the latch arm; a small wire rod appears to be used to hold the arm in the platform. The keycap mount of the slider is not known, but the platform itself has a square recess and requires custom keycaps.

The switch weight is 130 gf.


The Mk II switch has the latch arm mounted directly onto the slider; as such, this does not leave sufficient room for the standard negative Futaba keycap mount, so the front slot of the cross is shifted to the right. As a result, a custom keycap mould is required, and not the same custom keycap mount as required by the Mk I.

The arm pivots at the top of the slider, and runs down into a latch mechanism inside the front of the shell.



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