Futaba linear lock

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Futaba linear lock
Futaba lock switch infobox.jpg
Manufacturer Futaba
Family Futaba linear switch
Switch type Latching lock
Sense method Metal leaf
Switch mount Plate mount

Futaba linear lock is a provisional name for a latching action switch in Futaba's range of linear switches. The switch is a variant of the Futaba complicated linear and appears to share the same moulds.[1]


In all examples discovered so far, the switch shell is black, with a very dark grey slider.

The extra recess above the slider, which is redundant in the complicated linear, holds a slot-in block that bears the latch track. The single-piece slider holds a follower arm that runs inside this latch track. It's not clear whether the slider contains a rubber damper; if not, the switch overall will have one fewer part than the complicated linear, for a total of 15 parts.




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