Cherry G80-2510

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Cherry G80-2510
G80-2510HAD 001.jpg
Branding Schneider
Manufacturer Cherry
Features 121/122 keys, n-key rollover.
Keyswitches Cherry MX
Interface AT and PS/2?
Years of production 1990s

The G80-2510 is a keyboard similar to the 122-key IBM Model M. It has got 122 keys, is not programmable but has full n-key rollover. Keycaps are double-shot and pad printed. It is one of the more rare keyboards which features a full-touch caps lock key with a center key mount. It shares this with the G80-8200.


This keyboard is not programmable! However, it has got n-key rollover. The black labels are double-shot, while the green labels are pad printed and clear coated.


G80-2510 HAD.

G80-2510 HAD, detail: left function keys.

G80-2510 HAD, detail: number and cursor block with additional printing in green.

The caps lock key shows a stylised handbag / lock. Please note that this is a full-touch key (meaning that it is not stepped like e.g. the caps-lock on the G80-2100).

Known variants

  • G80-2510 HAD (German layout, black switches; for Schneider)

How to disassemble

For disassembling, see Category:Cherry terminal keyboards

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