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Gaote PG150 series
Gaote PG150 series.jpg
Manufacturer Gaote
Switch type Clicky; tactile; linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate mount and PCB mount
Website 374 1 en.html

PG150 series is a series of Cherry MX clone switches from Gaote. PG150 series is divided up into a number of sub-series, including: "MX" (monochrome LEDs), "RGB" (RGB LED slot with clear top, and formerly with an all-black shell) and SMD (clear top, white base). PG150 series switches have been sold unbranded, OTM-branded, Noppoo-branded and Outemu-branded.

Gaote switches can be ordered from Alibaba, a well-known B2B website.


Part numbers take the form PG150LNN, where L is the colour (B = black, R = red, Q = blue, T = brown ("tea"), and NN is the sub-series number. Not all combinations of sub-series and colour are illustrated on the Gaote/Outemu website.

Variants of this series include:

Sub-series Type Part number Notes
No photograph.svg MX Linear Original OTM-branded switch, obsolete
Gaote MX Brown (alternative shell).jpg MX Tactile Original shell, unbranded, obsolete
No photograph.svg MX Linear PG150B01 Unbranded
Gaote MX Red.jpg MX Linear PG150R01 Unbranded
No photograph.svg MX Clicky PG150Q01 Unbranded
Gaote MX Brown.jpg MX Tactile PG150T01 Unbranded
Outemu RGB Black.jpg RGB Linear Obsolete
No photograph.svg RGB Linear Obsolete
Outemu RGB Blue.jpg RGB Clicky Obsolete
No photograph.svg RGB Tactile Obsolete
Outemu RGB Black (clear top).jpg RGB (clear top) Linear PG150B11
Outemu RGB Red (clear top).jpg RGB (clear top) Linear PG150R11
Outemu RGB Blue (clear top).jpg RGB (clear top) Clicky PG150Q11
Outemu RGB Brown (clear top).jpg RGB (clear top) Tactile PG150T11


These switches are listed on the Gaote website and on HKTDC. They are branded "OTM" and come in four varieties.[1]. These are known by their full name Outemu, which is displayed on the switch housing. Various keyboards now use this switch such as the E-Element 104 RGB.


Noppoo are said to have "spent 1.5 years developing their own switches".[2] These switches are similar to the OTM switches and are believed to have also been made by Gaote. These switches are unbranded, and the overall design is closer to real Cherry MX switches than the OTM variants or the better-known Kaihua PG1511 series. The upper shell and base are not interchangeable with Cherry MX switches.[3] There are noticeable differences compared to Cherry MX; in particular, the four corner holes that are used to release the plate retention clips are missing.

There are four different colours: black, brown, red and blue; the switch feel and colours correspond to the Cherry MX series.

The switches in Noppoo keyboards don't have fixing pins. Variants with fixing pins to fit PCB-mounted do exist.


Noppoo variant


  • Noppoo Lolita87 (Noppoo variant)
  • Noppoo Lolita87 LED (Noppoo variant)
  • Some GH60 ("red")[Citation needed]


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