Gateron KS-1 series

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Gateron KS-1 series
Manufacturer Gateron
Switch type Clicky; tactile; linear
Sense method Metal leaf
Rated lifetime 50 M
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount
Switch mount Plate or PCB mount

Gateron KS-1 series of key switches are clones of Cherry MX key switches.


Unlike Cherry MX and Gateron KS-3 series, the switches have square sliders with a recessed circle around the base of the Cherry MX mount.

These varieties have been acquired and tested by enthusiasts, but are not available on Gateron's web site. It is believed to be an older variety.

They have been found in black, red, blue and brown variants like Cherry MX. There is also a white variant that is linear with a very light 35g actuation force.[1] Yellow variants have also been reported.

The housing is either black or white translucent. The top is branded "Gateron".

The internals work the same as Cherry MX.


Stem colour Actuation force Type Cherry MX switch equivalent
Translucent white 35g Linear none
Red 45g Linear Cherry MX Red
Black 50g Linear Cherry MX Black
Blue 55g Clicky, Tactile Cherry MX Blue
Brown 45g Tactile Cherry MX Brown
Yellow[2][3] (171g to bottom out) Linear Cherry MX Super Black
Blue[2][3] 70g Clicky, Tactile Cherry MX Green


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