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GeekHack is an online discussion forum/community for discussion about keyboards, other user interface devices and for geeking out in general.

It is based in the USA, with predominantly US members, but with many international members. It is one of the largest forums in the world devoted to discussion about computer keyboards.



It was founded by iMav in 2007.

The domain name came from the two groups I perceived as caring the most about quality keyboards, techies (geeks) and writers (hacks). [1]

r00tworm incident

In June 2012, the site was hacked. The front page was replaced by a single word: "r00tworm". It went live again on July 18th 2012.

While the site was down, users flocked to Deskthority. A special forum - Geekhacker refugee camp - was set up. A year after the incident, as a special thanks,'s default forum theme changed for a month to one that resembled Deskthority's.[2]

Acquisition by Massdrop

On July 1st, 2018, iMav announced that he had got an offer for $10'000 USD for the site and that he considered selling. Bids rose up to at least $50'000. [3]. The announcement led to unrest among active members. After posts that it would be sold to a Chinese data-mining company, at least one user asked to have its account removed and all posts and private messages deleted. [4] On July 4, Massdrop announced on the forum that it had acquired the site. [5]


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