General Instrument Series S950

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General Instrument Series S950
General Instrument Series S950.jpg
Manufacturer General Instrument
Switch type Linear, alternate action
Sense method Metal contact
Rated lifetime 10M (momentary)
30k (alternate action)
Bounce time 5 ms
Actuation force 60 gf
Total travel 0.14″ (ca. 3.5 mm)
Keycap mount Clare-Pendar mount
Switch mount Plate mount

General Instrument Series S950 is a series of switches that are virtually identical to Alps SKCC series and appear to be licensed copies.


Series S950 is largely identical to Alps SKCC Series. The most significant difference is that the keystem is smaller, designed to accept standard Clare-Pendar keycaps instead of Alps keycaps. A keycap intended for Clare-Pendar Series S840 fits the switch snugly, while it does not fit SKCC at all as the slot in the keycap is too small.

The series includes straight and angled stems, alternate action, and the sprung LED carrier, suggesting that the tooling patterns came from Alps. The mould markings on the switchplate match those of an earlier SKCC switch, suggesting that they may have actually been supplied from Alps.


The part numbers follow Clare-Pendar US practice. The momentary, upright stem version is part S95010, and the equivalent alternate action part is S95210. Part number suffix J7 denotes illumination, and suffix E9 denotes an 11° angled slider. The modification suffixes are the same as those used with Clare-Pendar Series S820 and Series S880 reed switches, which appear to have been included in the same catalogue.

The meaning of slider colour is uncertain. STRONIC in France were certain that they had only one piece of S95210 E9 in stock, and they shipped a switch with an amber slider, yet their website depicted a switch with an ivory slider (shown below); this would seem to indicate that amber does not denote an angled keystem.

Part number Description Alps equivalent
General Instrument S95010 -- variants table.jpg S95010 Momentary, upright keystem Alps SKCC Green
General Instrument S95010 E9 -- variants table.jpg S95010 E9 Momentary, 11° angled keystem
No photograph.svg S95210 Latching, upright keystem Alps SKCC Lock
General Instrument S95210 E9 -- variants table.jpg S95210 E9 Latching, 11° angled keystem
No photograph.svg S95010 J7 Illuminated using sprung LED carrier Alps SKCC Cream LED

The possibility of S95010 E9 J7 (both illuminated and angled) is not known.





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