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This article is about how to prepare graphics for production of double-shot, or insert molded keys, as specified by Signature Plastics. Other manufacturers might have different, but similar requirements.

In order to be scalable, graphics must be in SVG format. It is not sufficient to have a PNG or JPG graphic embedded in a SVG.

If you want to check an SVG file for being a true SVG, just take a look at its source code:

Is it all text? Good.

Else: You've got some work to do!


The insert-molding process requires certain minimum measures for the graphics to make sure the plastic can float properly.

- Lines must be at least 0.2mm thick.

- Gaps between lines must be 0.5mm thick.

- Islands, no matter if they are the insert part or the key itself, must be at minimum 0.5mm in diameter.


The dimensions of a graphic on a key are limited. On a regular 1 units key from the Signature Plastics DCS family, the graphic can only be 9.04mm wide and 10.84mm tall.

TuxKey9with4eyes 009b.png Icon wildduck.png


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