Greetech GT02 series

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Greetech GT02 series
Greetech GT02 -- assorted.jpg
Manufacturer Greetech
Switch type Linear, tactile, clicky
Sense method Metal leaf
Keycap mount Cherry MX mount

GT02 is a series of Cherry MX clone switches from Greetech. Options include PCB and plate mount shells, diodes, and RGB LED support.


The switches are branded both above and below. The top logo varies both in typeface (serif and sans-serif faces) and in size.

Five stem colors are presently available, with all of them equivalent to the corresponding Cherry MX variants. The available colors are black, red, brown, blue, and green. A white version of unknown type was previously available, but production ceased due to a lack of demand. Several different types of housings are available, including two different types of clear tops (frosted and totally transparent), and both regular black and SMD LED-compatible white bottoms.


Greetech GT02 series schema.svg


Variants include:

Part number Type Mount Notes
Greetech GT02A1DNN -- infobox.jpg GT02A1DNN Clicky Plate Sans-serif wide logo
Greetech GT02A2ANN -- infobox.jpg GT02A2ANN Linear Plate Serif medium logo
Greetech GT02A1ENN -- infobox.jpg GT02A1ENN Linear Plate Serif narrow logo