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Hi-Tek Corporation
Headquarters California, USA

Hi-Tek Corporation was a US-based electronics manufacturer known for designing and manufacturing computer keyboards and keyswitches.


In 1983, Nippon Miniature Bearing Co., Ltd. of Japan (now known as Minibea) purchased Hi-Tek and placed it under its US subsidiary, NMB.[1] This took place just after the then-new Series 725 keyboards had been introduced.[2] Keyboards continued to have only Hi-Tek branding on the PCB into 1984, after which both the Hi-Tek and NMB logos were placed side by side on the PCB. Rear labels continued to list only the Hi-Tek brand. Somewhere around 1990, Hi-Tek was absorbed into NMB, becoming the "Hi-Tek Keyboard Division", as shown by both the PCB branding and rear labels.



For the most part, Hi-Tek manufactured switch grids for other companies, who would supply their own PCB. However, keyboards do exist where Hi-Tek also provided the PCB. The "A/W" codes on the PCBs suggests that the PCB supplier may have been the same supplier used by Alps Electric USA (as found in Apple and Wang keyboards) whose keyboards also had "A/W" codes in the same format.

With Series 725, they had decided to produce complete keyboards. Prior to Series 725, Hi-Tek used double-shot keycaps; with Series 725 this was changed to dye sublimation for increased flexibility and reduced costs.[2]

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