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Hi-Tek lock
Manufacturer Hi-Tek
Family Hi-Tek High Profile
Switch type Latching action
Sense method Metal leaf
Switch mount PCB mount

Hi-Tek lock is a provisional name for a latching-action variant of the Hi-Tek High Profile switch.


Waffle frame Type 1

Latticework switches of the classic design. A movable piece of wire follows the latching track in the slider.

Waffle frame Type 2

Latticework switches, but with a raised platform around the slider.[1] The latching track is moved to a retention arm; a protrusion from the slider engages the track in the arm, and the arm pivots about its base.

Flat top

Later design, with the switch fully enclosed instead of open-topped and hollow. The latch design is the same as the waffle frame Type 2. A large cutout in the top of the switch is provided to allow the arm to swing from side to side.




  • DEC VT100 terminal keyboard (waffle frame Type 1)[2]


Flat top

Pictures from a Perkin-Elmer 3700 keyboard:

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