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Headquarters , Japan
Website www.hirose-st.co.jp

HST or in full Hirose Sensing Technology (approximately /hɪ.roʊ.sɛ/) is a Japanese company specializing in the manufacturing of electric switches and sensors. Hirose Electric Group is the major shareholder.[1]


HST started as the sole Japanese distributor for Cherry in August 1968. In March 1973, a joint venture was started with Cherry Corp. In May 1973, Hirose Cherry Precision (also simply called Hirose Cherry, 「ヒロセチェリー」: "Hirose Cherry") was officially founded. In October 1983, it started sales of the Cherry MX series. [2]

August 2004 Hirose Cherry Precision changed the company name to HST, named after Hirose Sensing Technology.[3]

Cherry itself referenced to Hirose Cherry as "Cherry Japan".[4]


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