Hua-Jie AKF series

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Hua-Jie AKF series
Manufacturer Hua-Jie
Product code AKF-*
Switch type Clicky, linear, LED, latching lock
Sense method Metal leaf
Actuation force 60±15 gf, 70±15 gf, others
Keycap mount Alps mount
Switch mount PCB mount

Hua-Jie AKF series is a series of four-tab Alps clone switches manufactured by Himake and sold through their parent company Hua-Jie. AKF series switches differ from the common Hua-Jie AK series by having PCB mounting pins, and are therefore not compatible with AK series or Alps keyboards. Based on samples of the corresponding Xiang Min KSBF, these switches are assumed to be identical inside to their AK series counterparts.

Hua-Jie switches do not carry any identifying marks.


The specification sheet does not mention contact blade size or switch lifetime; these figures are likely to be identical to the AK series.

All AKF series switches are discontinued.

Part number Type Slider colour Force
AKF-CN2 Clicky Ivory 60±15 gf
AKF-DN2 Clicky Green 70±15 gf
AKF-C5 Clicky White 60±15 gf
AKF-D5 Clicky Orange 70±15 gf
AKF-S Linear Grey 60±15 gf
AKF-LE Linear with LED Yellow 70±15 gf
AKF-LK Latching lock White 130±20 gf

AKF-DN2 and AKF-D5 are likely to be linear, not clicky, per their AK series counterparts. The specification sheets are known to contain errors.


Switch recognition--Alps--Four tab clone.svg

Switches are four-tab clones

Alps clone internals--CL, mantis.svg

Click leaf
Narrow, copper-coloured "mantis" leaf


These switches have not knowingly been encountered in any keyboards thus far.

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