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i-Rocks switch refers to an apparently as-of-yet unnamed switch used in i-Rocks keyboards. alps.tw appears to have been personally involved with the design, and a photograph of him captioned "ALPS.TW" is shown on i-Rocks's website. No switch designation has yet been encountered, nor any English translation of any of the publicly available information regarding its invention.

The three-piece contact assembly (the movable contact is a drop in plate that presses against a separate terminal) is derived from that of alps.tw Type T9, a switch with no known usage but that has characteristics of Himake. Another example of this contact design is shown at KBDMania, in a style closer to that of Xiang Min: http://www.kbdmania.net/xe/photo/8251885

The i-Rocks switch has several modifications over a normal Alps clone switch, including a cut-out in the click leaf to allow for an integrated RGB LED, wrap-around vertical O-rings for dampening, and Cherry MX mount sliders. Switch type follows Cherry MX colours, but the slider remains colourless and the base of the switch is pigmented instead.


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