IBM 3277 typewriter keyboard

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IBM 3277 typewriter keyboard
IBM 3277 typewriter keyboard - keyboard top.JPG
Manufacturer IBM
Layouts ISO, ANSI
Keyswitches Micro Switch SW Series
Beam spring
Keycaps Spherical double-shot
Weight 3674 g
Years of production 1972–1979

IBM 3277 typewriter keyboard refers to two different types of keyboard designed for the IBM 3270 information display system.


On May 6, 1971 the IBM Data Processing Division introduced the IBM 3270 information display system. Early 3270s offered three types of keyboards. The typewriter keyboard came in both a 66 key version, with no programmed function (PF) keys, and a 78 key version with twelve. Both versions had two program attention (PA) keys. The data entry keyboard had five PF keys and two PA keys. The operator console keyboard had twelve PF keys and two PA keys. Later 3270s had twenty-four PF keys and three PA keys. Please check the linked IBM 3277 Display Station Models 1 and 2 Troubleshooting Guide PDF for more information.

The 3270 display system comprises the following units:

  • IBM 3271 Control Unit, Models 1,2,11 and 12
  • IBM 3272 Control Unit, Models 1,2
  • IBM 3275 Display Station, Models 1,2,11 and 12
  • IBM 3277 Display Station, Models 1,2
  • IBM 3284 Printer, Models 1,2 and 3
  • IBM 3286 Printer, Models 1 and 2
  • IBM 3288 Line Printer, Model 2


There are two known technical variants of this keyboard for the IBM 3277 Display Station Models; One with first generation dual magnet Micro Switch SW Series switches, and one with IBM's clicky capacitive beam spring switches. The 66-key IBM 3277 typewriter keyboard with the IBM part number 2621364 stamped on the bottom plate is assembled by IBM with parts from Honeywell International.

This keyboard uses first generation Hall effect switches.

66 key Beam spring version

78 key Beam spring version

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